Ohh…. That Hurts……..

A little sneak peek for you there…………..

Come back Monday to see what we’re up to….

That crash might hurt, but this doesn’t…..

The Copic Marker Sale in the Paper Garden Projects Store has been extended through Wednesday the 10th. Save 20% on single sketch markers.

I was feeling bad because so many of the colors sold out and it took a while to restock – but we were able to restock almost all the colors. So I thought it was only fair to extend the sale for a few more days.

We have more goodies coming next week, so stay tuned.

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7 thoughts on “Ohh…. That Hurts……..

  1. LadyDoc

    OK- the sneak peek has TOTALLY got me as I have a sweater (from QVC Quacker Factory) that has the REAR view of a smashed witch!


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