Coloring Popcorn Tree

I think of Popcorn Tree as a “Charlie Brown Tree” – you know, kind of scrawny and overlooked – with just little tufts of needles at the ends. And in desperate need of some loving. So some kind soul decorated it up with a popcorn and cranberry garland for the birds to enjoy. (Didn’t know anyone could get all that form a piece of rubber huh?)

I chose to color it brightly to go with the bright colors in the kit papers. But you could also do a more muted watercolor look.

So……… is what I did………….with Copic markers


I chose my “sun” to be in the upper left. So darker colors and shadows with be on the lower right side of the element.

I added a couple dots of Y-21 at the lower right of each popcorn, then blend up with colorless blender.





I feathered out YG-63 from the center out over all the pine needles.





tree3 Then I blended in YG-03 along the stem of the pine needles to brighten the center.





tree4 Then I colored in the cranberries. I colored the whole berry in R-14. Then added a couple dots of R-59 in the lower right of each berry, and then blended the R-59 upward a little with the R-27.




tree5 Then the tree trunk. I colored the whole thing with E-34, then ran a line of E-37 on the right side Then I blended the edge of the E-37 with a little more E-34.





tree6Last I added shadowing with W-1.

I just edged the tree branches and garland along the bottom and right sides of each element. (because the “sun” is on the upper left). Then I added a shadow at the bottom extending to the right.

Hope everyone is have a great Saturday – try not to eat too much candy!! (Hey – I got my Milk Duds last night! There was only one box – and I scooped ’em right up. )



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4 thoughts on “Coloring Popcorn Tree

  1. Mel M. M. McCarthy

    This was awesome. I had to come back when I could read every detail. I love the way it looks. The cranberries seem so real and the shadow is amazing. I couldn't agree with you more about the Charlie brown tree. Those were the type we had when I was a kid, & we did string popcorn & cranberries (probably while we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special, LOL) That's one sweet stamp! :O)


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