I won an award!


Laura was kind enough to include me on her list of of award nominees!

I’m supposed to name 5 addictions….

Of course my Copic markers.   I just love those things!  But you can probably tell that by my blog posts. 

One has to be paper.  Patterned paper, cardstock, vellum,  – I love it all.  I even get excited over envelopes (I know – get a life).  I found these nifty envelopes in Seattle that open on the side (they are French, you know).  I just had to get ’em.  Most of my friends collect fabric and yarn.  I collect markers and paper!

A BIG cup of coffee with a heaping spoon of hot chocolate mix and a splash of skim milk.  Just gotta have it every morning.

Seeds and plants.  I just love plant catalogues.  All those wonderful descriptions and pretty pictures.  Its a book just packed with potential.  I have to confess that I sometimes buy more than I actually plant.  But I am doing better.

My computer…. I don’t know what I would do without it.  I just love blog hoppin and gallery gazing – not to mention message boards and news stories.  I’m afraid to join Facebook – would I ever get out of this chair?

Hmmm… 5 blog to pass it along to… I’ll try to find some I’ve not nominated before.

How about Maria’s Blog.  My have you seen the nifty things she has on there?  You really must check it out.

Marianne’s Copic Marker Blog.  I really like the new doodle feature she has been having – fun!

I found the Daily Dare blog through a thread on Splitcoast and thought it was brilliant!  I’m gonna play along soon (just gotta get all those seeds planted…….)

I’m not sure how I found Nancy’s blog (I tend to blog wander – you know, one link leads to another, that leads to another).  But I love her crisp, layer-y style.

I may have shared Craft Critique before, but I do enjoy this site too.

So there are my 5 blogs…. in case you want to take a peak….

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3 thoughts on “I won an award!

  1. lbmcd66@hotmail.com

    Hey Catherine!! Congratulations on your blog award!! So well deserved! Thank you for passing the blog award to me! I appreciate it!

    We like many of the same things!! LOL! I have a paper, card stock fetish! And. . I love my Copic markers and I definitely can’t do without my computer!!


  2. Deb

    Cathy! Thank you so much for giving an award to my blog, The Daily Dare! It was born out of the desire to have one organized place to go to see what challenges are *out there* and has really been successful because of all the challenge chasers who have shared their links. It is very fulfilling and amazing to hear that it has become a valuable resource for so many. Thanks for the spotlight!




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