Ewe are too cute…

shirtIs there anything cuter than baby clothes?  (I especially love the little shoes!).

I decided to try my hand at embellishing a little infant T-shirt.  I chose to use the Pink Cat Studio stamp from the Farmyard Friends kit

tstampI stamped the image in Palette ink and heat set it with an iron.  (I placed a piece of cardstock between the shirt layers to make sure the ink didn’t bleed through.) 

tcoloringI colored my image with Copic markers.  Now, this is a little tricky because the Copic ink will travel a bit.  You need to have a very light hand and start in the middle of your shape so you can judge how far the ink will travel on your fabric.  After I colored – I heat set with the iron again.

tvelvetThen I used the Puffy Velvet marker to make the sheep wool (The puffy velvet marker is designed for paper or fabric).  I just dabbed it over the woolly part of the sheep (but not over the stamp line) and let it dry.  You may want to slip a piece of wax paper under the shirt before you add the puffy velvet – in a couple spots the velvet bleed through and I had to peel the cardstock off the back after it dried.

Then you just use your heat gun to puff the velvet  – it takes a bit of heating, but don’t brown your velvet.  (make sure you take the wax paper out before you heat).

sheepI have to confess, I only washed this once to check if it was colorfast and it did fine.  But if I was going to make a lot of them I think I would get fabric markers.  I’ve used them in the past (for Girl Scouts) and they look nice, are easy to use on fabric and I know for a fact will survive many washings.

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4 thoughts on “Ewe are too cute…

  1. lbmcd66@hotmail.com

    Wow, Cathrine. . .your shirt turned out so cool. It would be fun to make a bunch of shirts with stamps but I’m afraid that if I mess up, it won’t be the cost of a cardstock! LOL!

    Well, your shirt and your sheep turned out AWESOME!! I love what you did with the sheep’s coat. . so cool!


  2. AnnMarie

    This came out really cute!! Super nice job! Wanted to let you know I posted a few challenges over on Ning if you want to check them out! Hope you are doing well!: )


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