Trick or Treat Hidden Slider Card

treatersliderclosedI love these little Trick or Treaters from Eat Cake Graphics.  I thought this set would be perfect for a hidden slider card.

treatslideropenWith hidden slider cards, when you pull the slider, and image pops out from behind another image.  In this case, the Trick or Treaters get their candy!

I made the card using the Trick or Treating Cling Stamp set.  The set has all the image stamps you need for this project; including the Trick or Treaters, the house, and the candy bowl.  The sentiment is from the Happy Halloweenie stamp set.

For detailed instructions to make a hidden slider, check out this post.

It may sound confusing at first (at least it did to me!), but once I had all the pieces in front of me – it made much more sense.

componentsThis slider card was made the same way as the other hidden slider post.

But because of the size of the images I wanted to card to be bigger (to fit in a 6″ square envelope).  So I had to increase the size of the pocket and the slider.

The pocket is made from 2 pieces of Majestic Purple Med paper, one 5 3/4″ by 8 1/2″ – scored 1 3/8″ from each end.  This forms the front and the sides of the pocket for the slider.  The back of the slider pocket is made from a piece of 5 3/4″ square purple.   To create the pocket, I just folded up the top and bottom at the scores and then adhered the purple back over the folded pieces.

The black base is 5 5/8″ square.  Of course I had to make my orange slider larger also – it is 5 5/8″ square.  The porch is my popped up image with the candy bowl hiding behind.

To decorate my card, I colored all the images with Copic markers.  I created the stars on my black background with a stardust gelly pen.

Hidden slider cards are so fun to make – they always make me feel clever!

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