Vellum Candle Cover

I love candles during the holidays.  They do so much to set a more relaxed mood.  This is a very quick and easy project to add a Holiday touch to  plain tea light candle holders.


For this project, I used heavy weight vellum cover stock.   Its much stiffer and heavier than the vellum you might be familiar with.   It has enough body to make treat boxes (coming soon….), but it still is translucent.

The vellum “box” is 2 1/2″ on each side.  The starting piece of vellum was 11″ wide and 6 1/2″ high.   Its scored every 2 1/2″ and also 2 1/2″ from the bottom.  Then just cut the score lines from the bottom to the horizontal score line – and cut off and discard that little piece on the left.


I decided to punch the top edge of my candle cover with the Diamond Elegance border punch.

Then I stamped my image on each section of the box.  You could do different images, but I decided to stamp the Holy Family on all the sides.

foldingI flipped the vellum over and colored with Copics.  Since you are coloring on the back and since the vellum surface does not adsorb much ink, you can color much darker than usual.

Of course you can use other coloring methods, but keep in mind that vellum and water do not really play nicely together.

Water tends to make vellum pucker and warp.   So try to use coloring methods that minimize water.  Water based markers are usually fine, but I would not use watercolor paint.

Too much water based adhesive can cause puckering also.   Glue tapes, runners and dots work well.  Also keep in mind that the adhesive will show through the translucent vellum in many cases, so try to hide the glued surfaces (or for a simple project like this, just put the glued seam against the wall).

volativelightThe last step is to just fold up the box and glue the base layers and side seam.  Add a tea light candle (I put my candle in a super cheap glass holder for safety’s sake) and your done.

My kids love making these because there are so many ways to decorate them and they are so fast and easy.  And they get quite a thrill when they see their project all lit up.

This could be a fun Thanksgiving or Advent project to do with your kids.

(by the way – did you see my spiffy new watermark?  Lorelie made it for me – is she awesome or what?)

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