Zucchini Men…..?

First things first….

 Using Random.org, the winner of the blog hop prize (2 Kraftin Kimmie stamps) is Catherine P. Congrats Catherine – I sent you an E-mail.

And now on to more foolishness….

What exactly do you do with those giant zucchini that appear in the garden just about the time you can’t stand to look at another zucchini?

I thought about leaving them on neighbors’ porches, but I want my neighbors to still like me…

So, they were about to become compost when M (who NEVER passes up an opportunity to make a craft) decided to carve them.  She enlisted her sisters and now we have a small army of “Zucchini Men” guarding out garage. (J decided to carve hers like Plankton from Sponge Bob)….

If this isn’t a sure sign that school better start soon before we all lose our sanity – I don’t know what is!

Please come back tomorrow for our Fourth Friday Challenge.  We are going to try awfully hard to have something more meaningful to share…. (really, honest…)

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5 thoughts on “Zucchini Men…..?

  1. diane mcvey

    Hahaha! I saw your comment on Anna’s blog, and had to come see your zucchini men. They are adorable! What a great idea. I should have thought of that when I had an excess of zucchini and my boys were still home! I’m sure your kids had a great time carving their characters! Wonderful idea! 😀

  2. Alyssa S

    Too clever! I just had to share though…I found a few of those zucchs in the garden, cut them in half, scooped out the much-too-large seeds, drizzled in a little olive oil and stuffed them with cheese, tomatoes and bacon. A little salt and pepper, wrapped them up in foil and baked them at 350 for about 40 minutes. Yummy!!! You should really give it a try for a different way to do zucchini!


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