A rather unusual handcrafted home decor item….

OK, I admit its different….

I just felt like my regular old mailbox…..

could use a little something…..

My mailbox has this front insert that you can use to change the color of the mailbox – just by slipping in these different colored plates.  So I got the idea to create my own insert.

I needed to include my address, so I created the sign in Illustrator and printed it out.  Then I added a bunch of winter kids stamps from Eat Cake Graphics.  I also included the winter neighborhood stamp in the background.  Plus I added some critters – the dog, the squirrel and the bird are all Eat Cake Graphics too.

I colored all the images with Copic Markers.  I mounted my little scene on red cardstock, and then on snowflake patterned paper from the Penguin Pals Patterns O’Plenty digital paper pack.

I mounted the whole thing on mat board and coated it with a moisture resistant spray sealer with UV protection.  My porch is very protected, but I’m thinking I might coat it with Modge Podge and spray it with the sealer again just to give it a little more protection.

So… do you think the mailman will notice?


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5 thoughts on “A rather unusual handcrafted home decor item….

  1. Maria

    WOW – this is such an AWESOME project!!!!!!!!!! How creative!!! I bet your mailman had a smile on his face delivering the mail the first time he saw this!!!



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