Back from a summer break….

And we had a wonderful time!

We saw great scenery:


Enjoyed the sights, sounds and SMELLS of Yellowstone National Park….

Saw lots of wildlife…


And some not so wild life….

Rode a few horses…


And made some wonderful family memories..


Its back to reality now… both the good and the bad.   In case you haven’t caught up with it, The Digichick store had a server crash and much of the back-up was corrupted.  So we all had to reload our stores.  Yuck – I feel a bit cross-eyed.

But the good news – Its a brand new store (ooohhh shiny!) and we’re on track for a big homecoming party this weekend!  Keep your eyes peeled – there will be fun and freebies.  (Guess who is hosting the first challenge??)



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