Commercial Use Terms of Use

Terms of Use: Commercial Use Agreement

The following Terms of Use (TOU) Agreement applies to all commercial-use (CU) products by Paper Garden Projects, whether purchased or obtained as freebies.  Paper Garden Projects reserves the right to modify, update, and/or change the TOU for its products at any time, with or without notice.

Please read this TOU agreement before using any CU product by Paper Garden Projects. These terms are intended for digital scrapbook designers, hybrid project designers and those who Scrap For Hire (S4H)/Scrap For Others (S4O). If you do not fall into one of those categories, and/or if the information below does not cover your specific usage request, please simply e-mail cathy{at}papergardenprojects[dot]com with information about your request/intended usage, for an extended licensing quote (this includes those who wish to use these products in web site/blog design).

You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute any digital files by Paper Garden Projects–even if the product was obtained as a freebie. If your friends/acquaintances want a copy of a freebie (or a purchased product), please direct them to the Paper Garden Projects web site or Facebook page.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Credit to Paper Garden Projects is not required when using these CU products, but it is always appreciated!


  • Use Paper Garden Projects’ CU products/designs to create derivative digital scrapbook products (papers, elements, templates, etc.) provided that the final products/designs will be sold by you directly to consumers (i.e. never sold to a third-party company/vendor and then sold to consumers).
  • Incorporate these CU products/designs into your own original Personal Use (PU) projects.
  • Use Paper Garden Projects CU products/designs in Scrap For Hire (S4H)/Scrap For Others(S4O) projects, as long as the final result is delivered to the third party in a flattened (non-layered) format.
  • Incorporate these products into physical, hand crafted projects (such as greeting cards)  for resale directly to customers provided not more than 50 of any individual product component or image is used by the purchaser.  Hand crafted items must be sold by the purchaser of the product and cannot be sold to a third-party company/vendor and then sold to consumers.


  • Share these products/designs with anyone else.
  • Redistribute these products/designs in their original form (i.e. you may only use them to create derivative works). These products/designs are to be considered a design tool, rather than a final design product, and must be altered/recolored in some way before being sold to consumers.
  • Use these designs on anything other than scrapbook products/designs or limited numbers of physical, hand crafted products sold directly by the purchaser of the product.  You may not use these designs in website/blog design, commercial logos, fabric designs, ceramics, on-demand printable products, or anything that is printed and sold in bulk quantities.
  • Make copies of the files on any medium, whether electronic or physical, other than for the purpose of personal back-up (this includes–but is not limited to–copying these files to CDs, DVDs, hard drives, diskettes, etc.)

If you are uncertain about this TOU agreement or have a question about how it relates to or affects your intended use of the products/designs, please simply e-mail cathy[at]papergardenprojectsdot]com and ask! Thank you very much for your support.

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