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Digital Die Cutting Files with Digital Papers

I love to use my digital die cutting files together with digital patterned scrapbook papers.  The design possibilities are really endless and I can so easily experiment and change my mind before I print anything.  Print and cut is one of my favorite crafty inventions!

Digital die cutting file tutorial finished cards

Today I have a tutorial for you on how I use digital scrapbook papers with more intricate digital die cutting files to create print and cut projects.  It looks long – but its all easy-peasy pictures.

I’m using the Folk Art Eggs digital cutting files and the Calico Spring digital kit in this tutorial.

The first thing I do is to add my digital papers to my pattern library in my Silhouette Studio software.  Just open the library (book icon), open the my patterns folder, and create a folder for my papers (it helps with finding papers from a certain kit later).

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Then open the file folder where the papers are stored and simply click and drag them into the space to add them to the folder in the Studio library.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Just add in all the papers you want to use.  They will all appear in your pattern library when you are ready.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Open the digital cutting file in your Studio software.  I’m using the SVG version of the files here (there are instructions for both SVG and DFX in the download).  Select everything and set the line thickness to zero using the line icon.  This prevents cutting lines from printing on your final project.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

With detailed cuts like these eggs, you want to prevent any tiny edges were the pattern is missing because of slight shifting during cutting, but you don’t want to waste printer ink.  So we are going to fill just a bit beyond the egg shape with pattern.

First, release the compound path with: object – release compound path.  Note – with some files you may have to ungroup instead, and other files may come already in pieces.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Then click off the shape and go back and select only the outer edge of the egg. Go the the off-set path icon and off-set the egg shape.  This is going to be your pattern fill shape.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Then go to the pattern icon.  Remember those patterned papers we added?  Scroll down and you will find them there.  Just choose the one you want add click-drag it into the egg shape you just made.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

If you  would like, you can alter your pattern fill using the advanced options.  Just select the filled shape and apply them.  Here I scaled my pattern a bit larger and I moved the pattern using Pan Pattern to put one of the flower clusters more in the center.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Keep your patterned fill selected and send it to the back using object-arrange-send to back.  (this just makes life easier later).

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Select the entire egg, shift-click on the pattern fill to unselect it and then group all the remaining lines.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

While you have them selected, set the cut lines using the cut icon.  Select cut and set the paper type.  I print my items on Matte Presentation paper and I use the Pattern Paper setting.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Do this for any other pieces you want to use for your project.  You do not need to re-create the egg pattern fill shape again, you can just copy it and place it behind any of the other eggs.  You can change the pattern fill by dragging a different patterned paper into the shape.

For the cuts below, I changed the pattern and I decided to add pattern fill shapes to the labels.  I didn’t bother with the label centers because they are very simple shapes and close to while already – so I’m betting they will cut just fine.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

The last thing I want to show you is adding sentiments.  These sentiments come with this digital cutting file, but you can also use digital scrapbooking wordart or digital stamp set sentiments.

Just open the PNG in Studio, cntr C to copy it…

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Then go to your working file and cntr V to paste it.  Align it on top of the label center you want to print and cut.  You can use the alignment tools to help you center it.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

Set all your cutting lines to cut and you are ready to print and cut (don’t forget to adjust your blade depth).  Save this document as a studio file and you can use it whenever you wish.  You can change the file with different scrapbook paper patterns or sentiments to make new projects.

Digital die cutting files tutorial

I hope you found this tutorial useful.  Here is a peek at the digital die cutting files and the digital scrapbooking kit that I used:

Easter card digital die cutting filesCalico Spring Digital Scrapbooking Kit

If you think this tutorial might be useful to others – please share it:

digital die cutting files tutorial

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Valentine Hugs and Kisses Canning Jar Craft

The challenge this month over at The Silhouette Challenge facebook group is print and cut.  I love print and cut!  Plus I want to make some goodies for my girls for Valentine’s Day – so bonus!

Here is what I came up with for my project (the rest of the challenge projects are linked at the end of this post):

Canning jar valentine project

For this project, I used the following:

Love In a Jar Templates and Cutting Files

Love in a Jar stamp set

Me, myself and I digital scrapbooking kit

Me, myself and I digital tone on tone papers

  • Printer (and presentation paper for printing)
  • Cardstock for the base
  • Digital die cutting machine
  • Adhesive
  • Quart canning jar with lid
  • 2 bags of Hershey hug and kisses candy

I followed the procedure in this post to create my print and cut PNG from the templates included in the cutting file set.  This allowed me to use the digital papers and elements, without  printing whole sheets and wasting printer ink.

My final PNG looked like this.  You can see I have my front and back panels, my side panels and my properly sized decorative elements all there.  I used the decorative labels stamps and added some text to customize the tags.  I added the digital papers just like described in the blog post linked above.


This PNG is bigger than the printing area when I turn on the registration marks in my Silhouette studio software.  The way to fix that is to just slice the PNG into pieces that fit into the cut area.  I just use my straight knife blade in the software to slice it up.  Then slide the pieces you want to print and cut first into the window and push the others aside. (I find it easier than making a bunch of smaller files).



Layer the cut file lines from the cutting file set over the images and send to print and them cut.  Don’t forget to check and make sure the cut line thickness is zero so the lines do not print on your project.


I want to add some scrapbook kit flowers as pop-up decoration – so I need to trace those before I cut them.  I cover the element with the trace area box, shut off the high pass filter, and adjust the threshold until I get a solid image.  Then just trace the edge.


I like to do my print and cuts using matte presentation paper because the printouts come out nice and bright.

I cut my canning jar sleeve base out of cardstock using the cutting files and then layered all the decorative elements I print and cut on it.  Add some hugs and kisses and your done.  Save your project as a Silhouette Studio file and you can make more of them whenever you like.

Canning jar valentine project

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A Tutorial For Creating Hybrid Greeting Cards

I have a little video tutorial for you today on how to make the sentiment tag on this card using some digital scrapbooking supplies and some digital cutting files. Greeting card made with Digital scrapbooking supplies

The videos will walk you through all the steps using a template, some digital papers, some Photoshop brushes and digital cutting files.  For this project I used the Vintage Label Templates and the Vintage Label Stamp set.

Tutorial for making cards from Digital Scrapbooking supplies

In this first video, I cover using the template and brushes to create a custom label and saving your images to import them into  Silhouette Studio software for cutting.

(My microphone was giving me troubles so I sound a bit stranger than usual, really, honest….)

In this second video I review how to combine the images and the cutting files to create a custom print and cut file for Silhouette Studio software.

The whole process is very simple and I love that I can remake the card any time so easily.

Once I had my custom print and cut document finished, I printed it and put it into the Silhouette to cut.cutterpic

I love pulling off the pieces – it always makes me smile…


Then I cut the cardstock pieces as mentioned in the video.  (Please pardon my scraps – I’m a paper scrap hoarder.  It makes me feel frugal.)


All that’s left is assembling the card (I used foam tape to pop the piggy up a little…)card made with digital scrapbooking supplies

(my plan is to put “Go Hog Wild” on the inside – in case you were wondering why I made a birthday card with a pig)…  I hope this tutorial gave you some ideas for how to use digital scrapbook supplies to make your own greeting cards.

Greeting card made with Digital scrapbooking supplies

I used these supplies to complete this card:

Vintage Labels Templates:

vintage Labels Digital Cutting Files

Vintage Label Stamps Bundle for the sentiments:

Vintage Label Stamp Set Bundle

Grandma’s Farmhouse Digital Kit for the solid Digital Papers:

Grandma's Farmhouse Digital Scrapbook KitGrandma’s Barnyard Kit for the flowered paper and the piggy image and cut file. Grandma's Barnyard Digital Scrapbooking Kit

The Scalloped Circle Card Templates and cutting files for the card: Scalloped Circle Card Templates and Cutting Files


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Hybrid Happiness Card Making Class Day 6

Today is our last day!

In today’s lesson, we’ll take a look at the custom shape tool and create a card using one of the shapes.

In this first video, we’ll take a look at the custom shape tool and some ways to use it. We’ll also create our heart shapes for our card.

Day 6 Video 1: Custom Shape Tool

In this video, we’ll use the Folkart Love kit to create our card using one of the templates from Day 2. We’ll add our hearts and learn a method for making shadow edges between the hearts.

Day 6 Video 1: Creating the card with custom shadow edges

Its also time for our last challenge:

Just create a card using either a brush, eraser, or custom shape (or all 3!) on it and post it in our challenge forum. You can earn Chickie Points towards free products just for entering challenges! You can see all the challenge details here.

If you are interested in additional digital supplies, I have a coupon code for you. Just enter pgpclassfun and the shopping cart will take 50% off all digital supplies in the Paper Garden Projects store here at the Digichick. The coupon is good through Feb. 15, 2013.

If you enjoyed the class and found it helpful, please pass the word along to others! These posts will remain active so you can come back later.

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Hybrid Happiness Card Class Day 5

Welcome to our last week of class.

Today we will be taking a look at the brush and eraser tools and exploring a few ways you can use them on your hybrid cards.

For this week, I’ve created a collection of brushes for you to play with.  I’ve also created another simple template.  You can download this week’s supplies here.

In this first video we will take a look at how to load your new brushes.  We’ll also explore how the brush and eraser tools work.

Day 5 Video 1:  The Brush and Eraser Tools

In this second video, we will use the new brushes on the sample card.

Day 5 Video 2:  Brush and Eraser Tool Card Sample


You can find additional brushes in many digital scrapbooking kits and there are many ways to use them. Some make it easy to add interest to your papers or provide focal images:

And some are useful for adding a little grunge.

All of them are very fun to play with by changing the scale, rotation and color.

If you are interested in additional digital supplies, I have a coupon code for you. Just enter pgpclassfun and the shopping cart will take 50% off all digital supplies in the Paper Garden Projects store at the Digichick.   The coupon is good through Feb. 15, 2013.  The kits I used here are called Owl Wear Woolies and Owl Fall for You – 2 coordinating kits.

Join us for our last class and last challenge on Thursday.  We will be talking about the custom shape tool.

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