Free Hybrid Happiness Card Class – Day 1

Welcome to the first day of class.  If you want to be part of the discussion – head on over to the Digichick Form and say “Hi” in our class thread.

In this lesson we will be setting up our Photoshop Elements (PSE) workspace and using a hybrid template to make our first card.

A PSE template is similar in some ways to any other craft template. It shows the outlines of the various pieces needed to create a card, but there are some important differences.

The PSE template is created in layers – where each shape has its own space in the document. Each shape can be altered or duplicated or even temporarily shut off. Also, digital supplies, like digital papers, can be quickly and easily added to each shape independently. Once you add the digital papers to your shapes, you simply print the pieces, cut them out and assemble the card. The next time, you can use completely different digital supplies and create a whole new card with the same template.

When you download your template, you’ll find several documents.  We will be using the JPG to get a peek at how pieces are meant to fit together.  We will also be using the hybrid version of the  .PSD files to make our card.  (The other .PSD file can be used to make a purely digital version of the card and includes digital shadowing. )

Remember that these templates are a jumping off point and that we’ll be adding more digital and traditional supplies to our cards to make them more personal and creative. We’ll also be using more complex templates as the course goes on.

For this class, I’ve also created a digital mini kit for your use. Feel free to mix and match any of the papers and other elements to create your projects. Of course you can also use any digital supplies you already own.

Digital kits are large, so you’ll be downloading zipped files. Just click on the links below and download the materials to your hard drive.  They are broken down into several files to make downloading easier.

Go ahead and unzip your files. Inside the folders you’ll find digital papers, labels and sentiments. As the class goes forward, you’ll also be downloading some additional digital supplies.  In the first class video, we’ll be using some of these supplies to create your first card.

Here are your initial kit downloads:

Patterned Papers

Solid Papers

Labels and Sentiments

Simple templates for Lesson 1

One quick note:  These class sessions are filmed in Photoshop 6.  If you have an older or newer version – your screen might look slightly different but the functions should still be the same.  If you have any trouble, just post a note in the forum thread and someone should be able to help you out.  If you just downloaded the trial version of PSE11, your screen will look very different (Adobe made everything fancy).  If you’re having trouble finding things, I put a short video at the end of this blog post on setting up PSE11.

Lesson 1,  Video 1:  Getting Started

In this video, we’ll cover setting up the PE workspace and how to open a template document.

Just click the link below to start the video:

Lesson 1, Video 1: Getting Started


Lesson 1, Video 2:  Basic Template Use

In this video, we’ll add different digital supplies to the template – click below.

Video 2: Basic Template Use


Lesson 1, Video 3:  Printing your Template

In this video, we’ll set up our color management and other print setting and print the document.
Video 3: Printing your Template


In the next lesson, we will start altering digital supplies to better fit templates and we will have our first hybrid card challenge – so be sure to check back on Thursday.


Video:  Setting Up PSE 11

A short video to help brand new Photoshop Elements users.

Setting up PSE 11 for Hybrid Cards


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9 thoughts on “Free Hybrid Happiness Card Class – Day 1

  1. Leslie

    Thank you for the informative video. I am new to photoshop elements and this is just what I needed to give me the confidence to start a project. You have a wonderful teaching style.

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  3. Barb

    Being a seasoned digital and hybrid card maker, these are very helpful videos for newbies. You did a great job in helping them get started from the beginning.

  4. Stacy O'Dell

    I am so excited! After having PSE for years (rec’d it free with a computer purchase) I finally created something using it! I didn’t have a single clue how to use it, and you showed me some real basics that are useful. Thanks so much. How wonderful to have this class for cardmakers! Thanks again for sharing your talents!


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