Christmas Lantern Digital Cutting File Tutorial

I’ve had Christmas decorating on my mind lately and thought I’d share a quick tutorial for making some decorative lanterns using a digital cutting file and a battery operated tea light.

Nativity LanternI used the Christmas Lantern Bundle to create this project.  It contains 3 different lantern designs.  My tutorial uses the snowflake design.

Lantern Cutting File BundleI cut the pieces on my Silhouette Cameo using the SVG version of the files.  Instructions included in the downloads explain how to use either the SVG version or the DFX version in Silhouette Studio.

cutting file tutorial

Since these files are fairly detailed, sometimes making a few adjustments will make cutting them easier. Make sure your cutting blade is sharp and your mat is sticky enough so the paper can’t slide – but not so sticky you can’t get the paper back off. Plastic coated papers and glittered papers sometimes do not cut cleanly with detailed cuts.

One thing that often helps is to set your blade a little higher than usual and use the double cut feature. It can also help to slow down your cutting speed. I cut all these samples on my Silhouette Cameo using a very lightly textured cardstock. I used the cardstock setting recommended in the program, BUT I checked the double cut box and I set my ratchet blade at 3 even though the program calls for 5.

lantern tutorial

After cutting, fold all the tabs of the box inward (mountain folds)

Cutting file tutorial

If you would like to back your cutouts with something, glue it in place now. You can do this before you fold the tabs, but play close attention to the right and wrong sides of the cardstock so you don’t accidently glue your lining to the wrong side (lets not talk about how I know this….). I glued tissue paper into mine.

cutting file tutorial

Apply adhesive to the roof tabs and adhere the edge together. Fold the bottom tabs up and adhere to give the lid more strength.

cutting file tutorial

Adhere the two walls together and then adhere the walls to the tabs on the base.

digital cutting file tutorial

Create the double thick support at the base top. Tuck the small triangles in and fold the top flap over. The top of the box will be at the same angle as the box top to help keep it in place.


And there is your finished lantern.  Just add a battery operated tea light to light it up.

Snowflake Lantern Digital Cutting fileHope you found this tutorial useful and try making some lanterns of your own.


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November Digiscrap Parade Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Welcome to the  November edition of the Digiscrap Parade.  The theme was “to Gather” and I guess I must have been thinking about sitting down to a nice cup of tea with family and friends when I designed my mini digital scrapbooking kit.  Tea is good right?  Anyway – here is my contribution.  You can download it here (or click the picture).

To Gather Mini by Paper Garden ProjectsIf you’re following the Parade route from start to finish, you should have come from JoCee Designs and you are going to Alexis Design Studio site or Facebook Page next. 

If you get lost along the way, simply head back to the main DigiScrap Parade site to view the master list and get back on track.

Enjoy the parade!


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Autumn Memories Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Because of a host of family issues, I have not been ably to do any designing for almost a year!  It feels really good to get back into it.

Autumn Memories Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Here is the whole kit

This new digital scrapbooking kit is full of traditional autumn things (leaves and acorns and such) but with (hopefully) a more modern twist – sketchy drawings, lots of embedded patterns and bright colors.

Autumn Memories Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Here are some of the elements

Autumn Memories Digital Scrapbooking papers

The papers

Here are a few projects from the talented Digichick Creative Team:

The CT is so talented!

The CT is so talented!

And of course I made a free coordinating mini-kit for you.  You can download it here.

Free Digital Scrapbooking kit

Hmmm… almost looks a bit Christmas-y

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$2 Tuesday digital scrapbooking kits and a free printable

Hi all,

Just thought I’d let you know that its $2 Tuesday over at the Digichick.  You can see all the deals and steals on digital scrapbooking supplies here.  Here are mine for this month…

$2 tuesday deals

Great for hybrid projects

Since I had the Boo To You kit out already to put it in the sale, I made up a little printable PDF  Halloween decoration for you.  Its 8″ x 8″ so it will print on letter sized paper.  I like to print on presentation paper (or photo paper) to keep the colors bright.  You can download the PDF file here.

Halloween printable

I’m more into cute than scary Halloween…

Hope everyone has some fun Halloween plans.  My middle school twins are planning a party after trick or treating.  All those girls on a sugar high – I think its going to get mighty loud over here!

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Friday freebie – Word-art canvas using a digital cutter

I have a skinny section of wall in my powder room that really needed a little something… so I decided to make this canvas using my Cameo digital cutter.  The saying made me smile…

Bathroom word art canvas

Maybe my kids will wash their hands more??

I just painted some simple sunflowers using acrylic paint from the craft store (my powder room is yellow and the rug has sunflowers).  After it dried, I white washed over it with thinned down white acrylic paint so the lettering would show clearly.

I then created the word art in Illustrator and saved it as an SVG file so I could cut it out using my Silhouette Cameo digital cutter.  I use a font family called “Thankful”.  I really like this collection of fonts – so many choices and they go so well together.

I did add a stroke outline to the thinnest font, just to make sure the cutter would cut it and I could transfer it easily.  The canvas is 10″ by 20″ – so I created a long, thin arrangement.  I cut the words from dark brown permanent vinyl and transferred them to my canvas.  I put a book under my canvas to support the fabric so I could rub the vinyl firmly.

If you would like to make something with this word art, you can download the SVG here. The PNG version is here.

Word art SVGI’m not sure if I can still offer free files in Silhouette Studio format (I know I am not allowed to sell them).  Does anyone know if free .studio files are still OK?


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